Gallery: Amazing Skywatcher Photos from Around the World

Analemma of 2011-2012

Tamas Ladanyi / /

More than 30 images were taken to make this composite photo of the sun's movement across the sky in 2011. The images shows what scientists call the analemma, the movement of the sun in the sky over the course of a year. The background image was also taken separately without a solar filter.

Markarian Chain

Larry Van Vleet

Multiple exposures are made to collect enough light for an image that would otherwise not be evident to the eye.

Pleiades Star Cluster

Bill Snyder

Pleiades Star Cluster: Multiple exposures are made to collect enough light for an image that would otherwise not be evident to the eye.

skywatching sweden jupiter

P-M Hedén/TWAN

Jupiter and the Milky Way can be seen in astrophotographer P-M Hedén’s tranquil photo taken near the Dal River in Sweden on September 2011.

tadpoles skywatching

Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder snapped this image of the tadpoles of nebula IC 410 from his home observatory in Connellsville Pa., on Jan. 15, 2012. The tadpoles in this photo are around 10 light-years long and are potential sites of star formation.

lovejoy skywatching tasmania

Dr. M. Akbar Hussain of Pakistan Amateur Astronomers Society / Karachi Astronomers Society

Recent headliner Comet C/2011 W3 Lovejoy cruises above a pre-dawn sky in Tasmania on Dec. 2011.

moon venus conjunction skywatching

Tunc Tezel / The World at Night

The moon and Venus are in conjunction in this image taken at Gobustan National Park in Azerbaijan, on Feb. 25, 2012.

comet garradd passes by M92 skywatching

Bill Snyder

Comet Garradd passed within half a degree of M92 as it sailed through the Hercules constellation in this image by astrophotographer Bill Snyder on Feb. 3, 2012.

budapest skywatching venus moon jupiter

Tamas Ladanyi / the World at Night

Jupiter, the moon and Venus align over Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary on March 26, 2012.

flaming star nebula skywatching

Bill Snyder

IC405, also known as the Flaming Star Nebula, shines in this skywatching photo.

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