Dive deep into 'Starfield' with these making-of videos for Bethesda's new space game epic

Bethesda Softwork's epic new game "Starfield" promises to be an immersive trip into space for video gamers everywhere.
Bethesda Softwork's epic new game "Starfield" promises to be an immersive trip into space for video gamers everywhere. (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

Update: This article has been updated to reflect the delay of this game.

"Starfield" is easily one of the most anticipated video games on the planet and fans are eager to blast into its incredibly detailed realms of remote planets, exotic moons, alien civilizations, swirling galactic vistas, and massive deep space starships. 

To keep eager sci-fi gamers in the loop as final preparations are made for its early 2023 release, the folks at Bethesda Softworks has been releasing a series of "Into the Starfield" videos sharing the artistic process that has gone into this ambitious RPG project. 

From concept art and worldbuilding, to sound effects and music, these short glimpses of the level of imagination and creative care injected into "Starfield" for the utmost realism and immersion offer a fascinating behind-the-scenes odyssey. 

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Now, let's check out this illuminating batch of "Into the Starfield" videos to learn more about how this pioneering space-based exploration video game was conceived. It might not make November come any faster, but it should increase your excitement for its fall debut exponentially!

Starfield: Painting a Journey Through Space

Feeling unmotivated today? Just watch master artist Mike Butkus putting pen and brush to work on “Starfield’s" Journey Through Space poster and be inspired beyond your imagination. This brief peek inside Butkus’ studio indicates the extreme attention to detail used to create the game’s epic style and ambience. Hearing President John F. Kennedy’s “We Choose To Go To The Moon” speech as an accompaniment just adds to the exploratory mood!

Starfield: Meet Vasco

Lead “Starfield” artist Istvan Pely introduces us to one of the companion machines gamers will encounter while playing. It’s the Constellation’s expeditionary robot called Vasco, a utilitarian, heavy-industrial robot. It’s based on a standard bi-pedal chassis and designed to march across rugged terrain on overland missions. Vasco is well-suited for most planetary tasks and spaceship repairs and can be counted upon whenever a trusted mechanical partner is needed.

Into the Starfield - Ep2: Made for Wanderers

How do you stand out in the competitive world of next-generation gaming platforms? 

Here, Bethesda's Game Director Todd Howard, Design Director Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Quest Designer Will Shen and Lead Artist Istvan Pely discuss their approaches to the material that will make "Starfield" a revolutionary simulation experience in the arena of open-world RPGs.

Into the Starfield - Ep 3: The Sound of Adventure

As Bethesda Game Studios Audio Director Mark Lampert and "Starfield" Composer Inon Zur explain in this lyrical piece, sound and music are the fourth dimensions of “Starfield.” Delving into the emotional context, main musical themes, and motivations that drive the narrative are key components in composing a score that emerges from the complex core of “Starfield’s” ultimate journey.

"Starfield" launches for video gamers on Earth exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC hopefully sometime in the first half of 2023.

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