New 'Star Wars: Unlimited — Spark of Rebellion' trading card game strikes our galaxy

One of the best ways to stay immersed in the world of "Star Wars" between offerings of feature films, TV series, novels and comics is to clear off the kitchen table and indulge in one of the many trading card games (TCGs) set in the "Star Wars" universe.

Fantasy Flight Games has you covered with the recent release of its "Star Wars: Unlimited TCG Spark of Rebellion," a swiftly-paced battle pack game easily learned and strategically deep. This table-top diversion features iconic heroes, villains, spaceships, vehicles and exotic planets from all corners of the renowned sci-fi franchise, including Hollywood movies, streaming shows, graphic novels, video games, conventions and anything inhabiting that galaxy far, far away.

The contents of this fun two-player starter set include a full pair of pre-built playable decks for Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, one for each contestant, quickstart rules, token cards, deck storage boxes, counters and two poster-style playmats. Between both decks of this beginner edition, one can score 10 exclusive cards not to be found in any Booster Pack sold separately.

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Star Wars: Unlimited TCG Spark of Rebellion Two-Player Starter Set: $34.99 at Amazon

Star Wars: Unlimited TCG Spark of Rebellion Two-Player Starter Set: $34.99 at Amazon

This fast-paced and dynamic trading card game features all of your favorite heroes and villains from the "Star Wars" universe. Easy to pick up and highly tactical, this card game will keep you battling over the galaxy far, far away for a long time.

Extras available for players to upgrade their "Star Wars: Unlimited" experience come in a variety of options like Booster Packs, officially licensed starfield neoprene mats, premium acrylic tokens, or stylized card sleeves and deck boxes. Booster Packs are loaded with 16 cards for a blend of common and uncommon cards, one Rare or Legendary card, a leader, a base and a foil card. If you're extra lucky, your pack might hold a coveted special variant card inside.

"'Star Wars: Unlimited' is the culmination of FFG's rich history mixed with the celebrated 'Star Wars' brand," Chris Gerber, Fantasy Flight Games head of studio, told "We could not be more excited to get this out into the world for everyone to experience."

Playable trading cards included with "Star Wars: Unlimited." (Image credit: Fantasy Flight Games)

Luke Skywalker's deck showcases iconic members of the brave Rebel Alliance such as Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2. The Empire's deck is fortified with characters and machinery like the evil Grand Moff Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine and General Veers, an imposing AT-AT assault machine and Death Star stormtroopers commanded by Lord Darth Vader.

Although themed to the original trilogy, Fantasy Flight Games already has expansion ideas in the works that will be set during the Clone Wars and New Republic eras.

"Having the opportunity to commission new art for every card in this game ensures there will be an exciting and cohesive style throughout," said Brian Schomburg, visual creative director for Fantasy Flight Games. "We really thought about what the cards would look like on the table next to one another, and we're proud to be creating something so unique."

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