Assimilate this shiny new Borg Queen Replica Skull from 'Star Trek: First Contact'

Star Trek: First Contact's Borg Queen will get a replica skull that you can call your very own.
Star Trek: First Contact's Borg Queen will get a replica skull that you can call your very own. (Image credit: Factory Entertainment)

One of the best entries in the ranks of "Star Trek" feature films was director Jonathan Frakes' "Star Trek: First Contact." Actress Alice Krige's irresistible performance as the seductive Borg Queen was a standout turn in a blockbuster movie with many admirable attributes and a memorable cast.

The 1996 feature recently celebrated its 25th anniversary this past November was the second Hollywood "Star Trek" flick starring "The Next Generation" crew and raked in $146 million in total global box office receipts.

Anyone who recalls Krige's erotic scene with Brett Spiner's Data as she splices a segment of human skin onto his cybernetic arm and leans in close to blow breath across the hairs to evoke a physical response will be enticed by a new high-end collectible recreation of the charismatic Borg Queen’s robotic skull and spine.

To commemorate the hive-minded machine's metallic form after Data douses her with corrosive gas from a ruptured coolant tank in the film's finale, Factory Entertainment is offering a detailed Borg Queen’s Skull as an upcoming limited edition autographed replica prop that measures 35 inches long (89 centimeters). It is pricey, at $1,499.99 for pre-order now for April deliveries. If you're considering it note that it's Amazon price is $300 higher at $1,799.99 and won't be available until at least November 2022. (If you're looking for something more affordable, check out our best Star Trek deals guide.)

Star Trek: First Contact Borq Queen Skull $1799.99 at Amazon

Star Trek: First Contact Borq Queen Skull $1799.99 at Amazon

Factory Entertainment's highly detailed replica of the Borg Queen's skull from Star Trek: First Contact is for serious collectors and features light-up eyes and spine that fade out as the queen went offline. Note: You can save $300 on this replica by pre-ordering directly from Factory Entertainment.

With over 250 pieces, including LEDs to replicate the Borg Queen's light up eye and spine, this prop replica is a limited-edition based on the actual prop from Star Trek: First Contact. (Image credit: Factory Entertainmnet)

In "Star Trek: First Contact," special effects artists crafted a physical skull for that climactic scene, which was then enhanced with LED lights and animatronics. Factory Entertainment’s Borg Queen Skull Signature Edition Replica has been accurately created from the surviving prop held in the CBS archives and comes with a special plaque signed by Alice Krige.

With its stand, the Borg Queen skull replica stands over three feet tall. (Image credit: Factory Entertainment)

The striking collectible is cast from durable polyurethane resin and polished off by an electroplated chrome finish that’s been hand-weathered to depict the damaging effects of the toxic green vapors. Electronic lights have also been added to replicate the pulsing effects observed on screen when the Borg Queen slowly powers down and eventually perishes. 3 AAA Batteries (not included) are required.

Alice Krige, who portrayed the fearsome Borg Queen in "Star Trek: First Contact." (Image credit: Factory Entertainment)

This limited signature edition is capped at just 250 pieces and comes packaged with a handy display stand and official certificate of authenticity/prop story booklet. It’s currently available for preorder at Factory Entertainment for $1,499 (with a $50 non-refundable deposit). Shipping is expected by no later than April 5, a date better known to all "Star Trek" fans as First Contact Day.

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