This week in our forums: Astro-ethics, the expanding universe and space art!

 Space Travel by MasterOgon.
Space Travel by MasterOgon. (Image credit: MasterOgon)

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This week, the community has some deeper conversations about space, one about its exploration and the other about its expansion. Then, one member absolutely blows us away with remarkable, space-inspired artwork. 

Should we colonize other planets?

(Image credit: NASA)

That's the fascinating question proposed by Astro-guy. On one level, it's a yes-no poll. However, the conversation that follows touches on the more pressing ethical question around colonization. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

If it is solely to support uncontrolled expansion of population, then no. I suppose it does not really matter as long as we are not destroying other life forms (as we are doing on Earth) but the crux comes if or when we meet another 'civilisation' doing the same thing. If those were to be anything like us (look at history) then the likely result would be war and mutual extermination.Catastrophe

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Unless we try to exploit resources of a planet where there is life, i don't really care.IG2007

I think we may have to colonize other planets if we want to save humans. If we don't make all the goals for 2050, then Earth is doomed and we would have to live on other planets. Hopefully, that doesn't happen. Just in case, though, we should colonize other planets.ThePatriotBeast

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Where is the universe expanding to?

(Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

It’s one of those questions that is ripe for day-dreaming. As a community of space enthusiasts, it's difficult not to find yourself casually wondering how far the dark expanse is going and to what end? 

The community had some thoughts, leading to an insightful back-and-forth. Check out the full conversation here.

Space Art!

Finally, we wrap this week’s edition up with some stunning artwork, courtesy of MasterOgon

 Space Travel by MasterOgon. (Image credit: MasterOgon)

 Rocket People by MasterOgon. (Image credit: MasterOgon)

 Check out more of MasterOgon's work here. 

Agreeing on the terms of discussion.

Is there nothing outside of the universe?

Black hole theories.

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