You can out bounty-hunt the Mandalorian in Fortnite's new limited-time mode right now

Fortnite, the epic battle royale game, has a new challenge for players to take on the Mandalorian from "Star Wars" to win a Beskar steel umbrella.

The Mando's Bounty limited-time mode — available until Feb. 9 — allows you to fight the infamous bounty hunter solo or in small groups, depending on what you prefer. 

"Playing solo or with others, collect galactic credits by eliminating the target on your Bounty Puck or any opponent you see," Fortnite maker Epic Games said in a tip sheet for players. "The first to reach the credit goal wins the match – assuming they can prove themselves against Mando first, of course. All players start out with three lives. This is the way."

While Fortnite itself is free to play, you can unlock additional Battle Pass content in two ways — a monthly subscription with exclusive skins ($11.99 USD) or buying a basic season pass for 950 V-Bucks, the Fortnite currency equivalent of roughly $9 USD.

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A few of us at tried out the Mando LTM Wednesday (Feb. 3) and luckily managed to win on our second try in Trios. We found it a moderate challenge, and quite a bit easier than trying to take out Predator — one of the bigger enemies of the season, whose defeat helps you win a series of Predator cosmetics challenges

In Mando mode, all players receive an assault rifle and lever action shotgun upon entering the match, instead of having to scramble for weapons at the beginning as Fortnite usually makes you do. There seems to be a high percentage of blue (rare) weapons available around the map, although your mileage may vary. 

Epic recommends: "Hunters targeting you and other players are holding the best loot, so take them out to build up your credits and arsenal." But you might want to spend a few minutes grabbing all the gear that you can first, because the competition gets intense once the Mandalorian arrives.

Other nods to "Star Wars" in this gaming mode include "Star Wars"-themed music on the battle bus that brings you to the Fortnite map, a Kit's Cantina location in the middle of the desert, and a "Bounty Royale" motif (including a Mando mask) that flashes on-screen for the winning player or team.

The Mando is already a big character in this season's Fortnite, which allows players for the first time to target other players using in-game bounties. Mando is the first skin you'll unlock at Level 1, and you can build out the Beskar on his suit by completing special challenges in-game. Reaching Level 100 will unlock Baby Yoda as your "back bling" (or backpack.) In Fortnite's normal PVP mode, you can also find Mando guarding his ship, the Razor Crest — just be cautious if you approach him.

It seems that science fiction fans "have spoken" among the Fortnite creator team in recent months, as there has been a lot of cross-franchise fun happening within the game. Last year's Marvel-themed season finale saw Battle Buses flying in space against the world-devouring Galactus, who had been coming towards the island for weeks. An ancient astronaut subplot dominated last summer's play. 

Earlier this month, more favorites of science fiction — the Predator alien, the T-800 Terminator and T2-style Sarah Connor — also  joined Fortnite's ranks as player skins.

And there are many space items that pop up in the Fortnite store regularly and in each season pass, rewarding long-time players with a library of space content they can use at any time. My favorite is the Galaxia skin that opened Fortnite's subscription service late last year.

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