Titan Books celebrates 20 years of 'Firefly' with novel 'What Makes Us Mighty'

Cover art for "Firefly: What Makes Us Mighty" depicting several characters from the series.
Cover art for "Firefly: What Makes Us Mighty" (Image credit: Titan Books)

Browncoats around the globe are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Joss Whedon's first and only season of the cult space western, "Firefly."  

Starring Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, and Jewel Staite, the rowdy sci-fi series first aired on the Fox Network starting in September of 2002 and finished its one-and-done run of 14 episodes in December of that same year.  (Our Firefly streaming guide has details on how to watch the series online).

A "Firefly" feature film titled "Serenity" was released by Universal Pictures in 2005 that carried on the show's legacy, but since then there's been only a number of failed attempts to resurrect the beloved series. Even though "Firefly" has seemingly ridden off into the sunset, the franchise is still going strong thanks to tie-in books, comics, graphic novels, clothing, limited-edition art, role-playing board games, trading cards, fan conventions, an online video game, and even a fun themed cookbook.

We here at Space.com have a special place in our hearts for "Firefly" and are happy to announce a new companion novel being published by London-based Titan Books on July 26.

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Firefly: What Makes Us Mighty:

Firefly: What Makes Us Mighty: $25.95 at Amazon

Titan Books is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Firefly sci-fi series with a new book "What Makes Us Mighty" by M.K. England that sends Serenity's crew to the planet Kerry where a new revolution awaits.

Written by M.K. England, "Firefly: What Makes Us Mighty" is the seventh original hardback novel to delve deeper into the lore and legends of the Firefly universe.

The story begins with a seemingly simple task for the crew of the Serenity, who are heading to the planet Kerry with a cargo hold stuffed with a mysterious stash of sealed merchandise addressed to that world's highest-ranking nobleman, a duke. The duke is a cheerful, hospitable gentleman with an elegant court reminiscent of Persephone's elite society but devoid of its over-the-top pretentiousness.

Cover art for "Firefly: What Makes Us Mighty." (Image credit: Titan Books)

As the crew comfortably settles in while Inara is doing business trying to drum up more clients for the crew, the booze begins to flow and feasts and entertainment are offered for the enjoyment of all. Everyone is perfectly happy with the duke's generous spirit except Zoë, who believes something is definitely not right about all the fuss. 

When the duke's compound is attacked by nocturnal invaders, Captain Mal sends Serenity away to a safe location while he and Zoë investigate the source of the sudden violence. The truth is discovered and threatens to upend the whole planet of Kerry. Now that a revolution has erupted, Mal and our valiant smugglers must choose sides before more bloodshed occurs, even if it requires opposing ideals.

M. K.  England's "Firefly: What Makes Us Mighty" lands on July 26, 2022 from Titan Books.

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