The complete series of 'Babylon 5' will be available on Blu-ray in December

We're not going to mince words here, "Babylon 5" is one of the best sci-fi shows ever written for television
We're not going to mince words here, "Babylon 5" is one of the best sci-fi shows ever written for television (Image credit: Warner Bros)

Legendary sci-fi writer and creator of "Babylon 5" J. Michael Straczynski announced on social media that the complete series of that show will finally be available on Blu-ray on Dec. 5, 2023. 

"Attention 'Babylon 5' fans! You wanted it, you asked for it and it's finally happened!" Straczynski said, adding, "To celebrate B5's 30th anniversary, 'Babylon 5: The Complete Series' will be released on Blu-ray December 5, '23."

According to the post, pre-orders can be placed right now.

"To address some of the obvious questions: I wasn't directly involved with the release, so I don't know much more than you do or what's in the release/at the retail sites but I can add what little I do know: The release includes 'The Gathering' (but not the movies or 'Crusade') because TG was our pilot (technically the first) episode, so it's a legit part of the series which fits the title mandate; the other movies were separate, and 'Crusade' is a completely different series, so it doesn't belong in this box set," Straczynski said.

Pre-order Babylon 5: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray:

Pre-order Babylon 5: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray: $100 on Amazon

Legendary sci-fi series Babylon 5 is finally making its way onto Blu-Ray this December to celebrate the show's 30th anniversary. 

"This is essentially the same as the very nice 4:3 remaster done for HBO-Max, which matches the original broadcast, but putting it onto Blu-Ray increases the bitrate so it should look even better than it did there," Straczynski said. "WB wanted to include the commentaries but with everything else involved with this, it apparently wasn't feasible (that's the extent of what I was told, so I've no idea what that entails)."

He's referring to the remastering that was undertaken back in February 2021. 

He goes on to say, "Since I'm not directly involved with the release, as with all things related to B5's distribution plans, I do not have any inside information concerning foreign releases or other languages. That's all on the Warners side, so please direct any inquiries in that direction.

"Finally, for folks asking where they can find *a* link to where this is available ... like all major studio releases, this will be made available to all the usual online places where you normally buy Blu-Ray disks. It will be rolling out to those sites starting today.

Along with an incredible regular cast, the show included a number of cameos from major stars of sci-fi. (Image credit: Warner Bros.)

"What matters most in all this is that after years of asking for a Blu-Ray release, which will make this show look more beautiful than it ever has before. Fans can now own the full series in pristine form on physical media without being held hostage by the whims of streamers. I'm very excited by this release, as it further assures the legacy of Babylon 5. Onward!"

Straczynski is also making a rare appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, where he will no doubt talk about this and "The Road Home" animated movie. 

Babylon 5: The Complete Series is currently listed on Amazon as available to pre-order for $134.99 for DVD and $100.00 for Blu-Ray.

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