Soar into space aboard this inspiring trailer for 'Among the Stars,' a new Disney Plus docuseries

Human eyes have been firmly fixed on the heavens these days, with SpaceX's Inspiration 4 mission taking private citizens for a three-day spin around planet Earth, Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic rocket plane blasting to the edge of space, followed by Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin  aboard the New Shepard rocket for an 11-minute suborbital excursion.

For those of us with necks still craned toward the cosmos, Disney Plus is celebrating the adventurous times we live in and their myriad achievements with "Among the Stars," a lofty new original documentary series. This six-part outer space trek airs starting Oct. 6 and explores the perils and promise of human spaceflight through the optimistic lens of NASA.

Clear your launch pad and check out a brand new trailer above for Disney Plus' "Among the Stars" and salute the men and women of NASA whose dedication keeps the space program thriving.

The new docuseries "Among the Stars" launches on Disney Plus Oct. 6, 2021. (Image credit: Disney Plus)

The behind-the-scenes series begins with NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy on a quest to zip up his space suit for one last mission to the International Space Station and repair a $2 billion-dollar particle detector called an Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. But this all-access trip quickly becomes a story of the larger team at NASA and beyond, their pivotal roles on this mission, and collective desires to succeed. 

With cameras installed on Earth and the International Space Station, using intimate footage, personal video logs and livestream footage, viewers will join Cassidy and his international family of cosmonauts, engineers, flight controllers, rocket scientists, and the many specialists who sign up for missions risking life, limb and reputation for the betterment of humankind.

Disney Plus presents all six episodes of "Among the Stars" beginning Oct. 6 on the streaming service.

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