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In Photos: India's Amazing Launch of the GSAT-7A Communications Satellite

A Grand Sight


The entire assembly — GSLV-F11 spacecraft and its GSAT-7A payload — are mated, awaiting transport to the launch pad.

The Final Piece


The payload fairing, holding the GSAT-7A securely inside, is mated to the GSLV-F11.

Putting the Parts Together


The multiple stages of the GSLV-F11 rocket are mated, awaiting placement of the payload fairing.

Working Hard


Several technicians work together to prepare the GSLV-F11 and GSAT-7A for the upcoming launch.

Closer and Closer


The GSAT-7A is encapsulated in the payload fairing, readied for the GSLV-F11 rocket.

Satellite in Tow


The GSLV-F11 carries the GSAT-7A into orbit. The satellite adds 2250 kg of weight to the rocket.

Spread Wide


Panels of the GSAT-7A satellite are deployed, as technicians ready the tech for the trek to space.

Preparing for the Trip


Technicians prepare the GSAT-7A for it's journey to orbit on the GSLV-F11.

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