Tour the Millennium Falcon with These Awesome 'Star Wars' Photos

Revealing the Interior


Time to cruise across the universe in style. The Millennium Falcon can not only make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, but it also does it in true style — with leather, with surround sound and yes, with some pretty nifty hyperdrive controls. Take a tour through the famous starship ahead of "Solo: A Star Wars Story," which premieres May 25.

Welcome to your Falcon

Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm

This is Lando. (Or Donald Glover — who also was in "The Martian" — if you prefer to go IRL for a moment, but we don't want to.) Lando is a good friend of Han Solo and he knows the Millennium Falcon inside and out. He's going to give us a tour of this starship cruiser to show the specs of its brand-new interior — the ship looks spiffier than usual because the new movie "Solo" is a prequel to many of the other "Star Wars" films.

Patent leather living quarters


The living quarters of the Falcon come complete with patent leather and a surround-sound system, which is just the thing to play dramatic music while escaping from bounty hunters. In the video, Lando gestures towards one of the panels (presumably it controls the sound), and advises viewers, "No one touches any of this." (After all, we don't want Chewbacca to get angry. He might rip an arm off.)

Speaker with (presumably) awesome sound


This is a close-up of one of the surround-sound speakers on the Falcon. We're not sure how many decibels this carries or if it's good for bass, but it sure looks awesome. Besides, music is always a great distractor when you're stuck in a spaceship far from home. That is, as long as this isn't "The Martian" and the only thing available is 1970s disco. Abba, anyone? [Spaceships of 'The Martian' Explained (Infographic)]

Crazy-looking panel


Looks like you can practically control the entire ship with this panel. It includes an ergonomic chair (because in a ship with artificial gravity, repetitive stress injury is surely a thing). There also are several buttons that light up, because it's good to know that when you press something, you get some sort of a reaction. That is, unless the ship breaks… again. Where's that Wookie when you need him?

The guest quarters


And here are the guest quarters — a pretty awesome space, Lando assures us. If you'd like to entertain some friends, there is more seating (and more patent leather) in here, along with a Dejarik board. When the ship goes into hyperdrive, people on the couch can take advantage of the handy restraints so as not to fly against the wall.

Lando in the guest bed


Oh yes, and we can't forget the handy little bunk above the seating in the guest room. A little jump, and you can settle in for a nap or some entertainment. Do note there's an entertainment center down at your feet to watch the latest news from the Rebel Alliance.

The kitchen of your dreams


Every person cruising around the galaxy needs this kitchen. A place to eat, a place to mix your alcoholic drinks, and stainless-steel fixtures just because they look cool. Lando says this is his favorite place on the ship, and who can blame him? We just hope he's good at cooking, because bad space food in the middle of a battle is a nasty thing.

Captain's Quarters


As Lando says, this is where the magic happens. Where the captain of the Falcon can rest, reflect and get ready for his next tussle with gamblers. There's mood lighting to keep you happy on a dull day, a fitness nook to help you stay in tip-top shape, and even a comfortable Kajak hair-lined bed to make sure you get a good night's sleep.

Tunes in the quarters


"I can listen to some tunes if I want to," Lando says while picking up a pair of earphones in the fitness center. Behind the bench you can see a bunch of storage to cater to a captain's every need, although it looks like books are curiously absent. Ah well, this isn't "Star Trek" — no self-respecting Falcon crew member needs to spout Shakespeare to appear smart.

Walk-in cape armoire


This clothing storage area practically speaks for itself. Here you can store the latest in cape styles to make sure no matter what your landing port, you're leaving with a trendy outfit. It's climate controlled (with a special compartment for footwear), and it even includes a safe box to keep a jealous crew member from "borrowing" your amazing jewelry.

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