Inside 'Stargate: Origins': Go Behind the Scenes with These Exclusive Photos!

Returning to the Beginning


The Stargate is back in "Stargate: Origins" and we've got some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the digital miniseries from MGM's Stargate Command website. The final two episodes of the 10-episode series go live on March 8! Check them out here.

A "Stargate" prequel series, "Stargate: Origins" tells the story of Catherine Langford as she journeys to solve the mystery beyond the Stargate.

A Heroine at Work (Exclusive)


Ellie Gall (who portrays Catherine Langford) rehearses during the filming of "Stargate: Origins" Episode 1.


"Stargate: Origins" actors rehearse a scene in a cosmic throne room: (From left to right) Salome Azizi portrays the Goa'uld leader, Aset; Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez depicts a Goa'uld warrior; and Ghadir Mounib plays Renisenb.

Celebration at Hand (Exclusive)


The "Stargate: Origins" crew records an Abydonian feast for Episode 7. Hey, save something for the rest of us!

Protecting the Temple (Exclusive)


Actor Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, playing Serqet, patrols the temple halls in this behind the scenes moment from the miniseries.

James Beal


Actor Philip Alexander plays James Beal in episodes of the web series "Stargate: Origins." The film takes place many years before the events of the first "Stargate" film in 1994.

Catherine Langford


In "Stargate" lore, Catherine Langford witnessed the discovery the Stargate in Giza by her father. In "Stargate: Origins," Langford (portrayed by Ellie Gall) ventures on an epic adventure to unlock the Stargate's mysteries.

Professor Langford


Catherine Langford's father, Professor Langford (portrayed by Connor Trinneer) discovered the unknown technology that is the Stargate in Giza in 1928. Trineer may look familiar to Stargate fans: He portrayed the character Michael on "Stargate Atlantis" and engineer Trip Tucker on "Star Trek: Enterprise."

The Stargate


In season 1's Episode 2, characters are introduced to the mysterious and magical gateway.

Jumping Back in Time


Much of the Stargate story connects to Egyptian history, beginning with the discovery of the Stargate itself in Giza.

Something to Fight For


The Goa'uld leader Aset, played by actor Salome Azizi, holds a tiny babe in her throne room in Season 1 Episode 3. In the background stands Renisenb, played by actor Gadir Mounib.

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