Apollo 14: NASA's 'Rookie' Astronauts Bring Golf to the Moon (Photos)

Deployed Apollo Tools


On Feb. 5, 1971, the Apollo lunar surface experiments package's central station, the active seismic experiment (front and center), and the modular equipment transporter (right) are set up on the lunar surface. Apollo 14 Cmdr. Alan B. Shepard, Jr., and lunar module pilot Edgar D. Mitchell deployed the components during their first moonwalk.

Testing Seismic Activity


During their first extravehicular activity, the two Apollo 14 moon walkers set up the Passive Seismic Experiment, another component of the Apollo lunar surface experiments package.

Antares' Jewel


On Feb. 5, 1971, the sun's reflection created a jewel-like circular flare atop the Apollo 14 lunar module Antares. Also visible on the extreme left side of the image is the lower slope of Cone Crater.

The Brains


A close-up of the central station of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP). The package was set up during the first Apollo 14 lunar landing mission EVA by astronauts Alan B. Shepard, Jr., and Edgar D. Mitchell. Astronaut Stuart A. Roosa, command module pilot, stayed aboard the command/service module in lunar orbit while his crewmates worked at the lunar surface.

Tracks to Antares


On the lunar surface, the modularized equipment transporter left bright tracks in the lunar soil as it was pulled away during the first moonwalk. The sun shines brightly in the upper left corner of this image, snapped by the Apollo 14 moon-exploring crewmen, showing the lunar module Antares in the background.

Shadowplay with Lunar Boulders


On Feb. 6, 1971, astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell photographed his own shadow with a group of large boulders on the lunar surface near the Cone Crater rim. The rocks are an interesting brown and white mix of color. Mitchell collected a sample with the hammer.

Documenting the Apollo 14 Landing Site


On Feb. 5, 1971, one of the Apollo 14 astronauts captured images of the Fra Mauro landing site on the moon moments into the first moonwalk of the mission.

Following the Map


During the Apollo 14 lunar excursion, astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell uses the traverse map to move across the lunar surface. Lunar dust has visibly collected on his boots and the legs of his spacesuit.

Across the Moon's Surface


This photograph taken by astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell during the second EVA of the Apollo 14 mission exhibits a near-panoramic view of the lunar landscape. Astronaut Alan B. Shepard, Jr., walks toward Antares, and lunar rocks and astronaut bootprints are visible in the foreground.

Filming the Lunar Horizon


Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell pans the lunar surface with a television camera during a moonwalk. Fellow astronaut and Apollo 14 Commander Alan B. Shepard, Jr., snapped this image of his crewmate.

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