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The Evolution of Solar Eclipse Photography in Photos

Views from Space


Satellites and other spacecraft that have a view of the sun can also return some amazing images of solar eclipses as seen from space. The Japanese Hinode spacecraft captured this stunning image of an annular solar eclipse on May 20, 2012, which darkened the sky in parts of the Western United States and Southeast Asia.

What's Next?

Bob Baer/Sarah Kovac/Citizen CATE Experiment

Eclipse photography has come a long way from sketches to daguerrotypes and high-resolution digital images. Now it's easier than ever to photograph solar eclipses. Whether you own a telescope or only have a camera phone, you too can take some seriously amazing photos of this incredible astronomical event. And if you do capture any cool eclipse photos and would like to share them with, please email your images with comments to [How to Film or Photograph the 2017 Solar Eclipse Like a Pro]

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