'Hello, Is This Planet Earth?': Amazing Earth Views by Tim Peake (Gallery)

The Andes

European Space Agency

British astronaut Tim Peake snapped this view of the Andes during his stay on the International Space Station. This is one of the many images he highlights in his new photo book "Hello, Is This Planet Earth?" (Little, Brown and Co., 2017). The light brown area is Peru's Paracas National Reserve. The Pacific is to the left and Amazon rainforest to the right, under clouds.

[Read more about the photo book here]

Sunrise Over Europe

European Space Agency

Tim Peake caught this photo of a sunrise while he was somewhere over Europe; he said sometimes the sun rises so rapidly it's hard to keep adjusting the camera settings!

New York

European Space Agency

New York from the International Space Station; Central Park is visible as a green square on the left, and Jersey City and Newark Bay are below.

New Zealand's South Island

European Space Agency

New Zealand's South Island, looking down on Lake Wanaka with Lake Hawea below. North is to the right, Tim Peake wrote.

Italy at Night

European Space Agency

In this view of Italy at night, taken while the International Space Station was over Tunisia, Corsica and Sardinia can be seen to the left, with the Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy and Sicily at right.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka Volcano

European Space Agency

The smoking volcano is Klyuchevskaya Sopka, which is the highest mountain on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia and the highest active volcano on Eurasia.

Moonset over the Atlantic

European Space Agency

Tim Peake was looking for Antarctica, he wrote, but settled for snapping this moonset over the southern Atlantic Ocean instead.

Riversdale. South Africa

European Space Agency

The International Space Station passed over Riversdale in Western Cape, South Africa, as Tim Peake took this shot.

Athens, Greece

European Space Agency

Athens, Greece, is at the center of this image Tim Peake took from the International Space Station.

Beautiful Mist

European Space Agency

The visible aurora can reach up to 400 km above Earth, which is the same height that the International Space Station orbits. Tim Peake wrote that it's like flying through a beautiful mist.

Lake Argentino

European Space Agency

As the International Space Station passed over Lake Argentino in Argentina, Tim Peake snapped this photo of the lake in the foreground with the Upsala Glacier on the right.

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