'Star Trek': 50 Artists. 50 Years. (A Sci-Fi Art Slideshow)

"Mirror, Mirror"

Artwork by Gary Pullin. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

This silk-screen print by Gary Pullin is a tribute to the "Mirror, Mirror" episode from the "Star Trek" original series. Pullin said he finished the piece shortly before Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock, passed away, making this his "personal tribute to Nimoy and his iconic role."

"The Bridge"

Artwork by Glen Brogan. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

This top-down view of Star Trek's Enterprise bridge was drawn by Glen Brogan, an illustrator who has worked with NASA and several brands, like Marvel, "The Walking Dead" and Cartoon Network.

"NUBIGi, 000, 095"

Artwork by Hyunju Kim. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

Hyunju Kim created this thread mural of Spock with a sewing machine. The title, "NUBIGi, 000, 095," combines the Korean word for "time" with numbers to indicate the order of her work. "The main focus of my art is not the drawing itself," said Kim. "Each thread is a symbol of time."


Artwork by J.K. Woodward. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

This painting is "a tribute to 'Star Trek's' Klingons: the characters, culture, mythology and technology," said J.K. Woodward, the artist who created the piece. Woodward has also made artwork for several titles by IDW Publishing, including a "Star Trek"/"Doctor Who" crossover miniseries and a "Star Trek"/"Green Lantern" miniseries. Woodward's illustrations have also appeared in the comic book "Mars Attacks"

"Dance of the Orion Women" & "It's Your Galaxy Too!"

Joe Corroney. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

These two pieces by comic book artist Joe Corroney celebrate the women in "Star Trek." Corroney has spent most of his career doing official "Star Trek" artwork, and his illustrations have appeared in several popular titles like "The Walking Dead" and "Doctor Who."


Artwork by Juan Ortiz. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

Beam up a nutritious breakfast with "Star Trek" Galile-Os cereal! This retro cereal box was created by Juan Ortiz, a freelance designer who in 2012 created 80 "Star Trek: The Original Series" retro-style posters for CBS.

"To Boldly Go"

Artwork by Joshua Budich. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

Illustrator Joshua Budich made this silk-screen print as "an homage to the original 'Star Trek' series," he said. " My inspiration was first and foremost the amazing relationships between the main characters. I wanted to tell a story with a visual narrative between the characters and the epic journey they're on together."

"Encounter at Farpoint"

Artwork by Jonathan Bergeron. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

Artist Jonathan Bergeron conceptualized this illustration of the "Star Trek" character named Q after rewatching the episode "Encounter at Farpoint." Bergeron said his painting is "reminiscent of an old 'Star Trek' illustration, the kind you might see on those paperback sci-fi covers."

"USS Bellwether, NX-90866, Ingress Class"

Art by Lynn A. Norton. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

Lynn Norton is a 3D artist who has sculpted nearly all of Hallmark's "Star Trek" ornaments since 1991. "I imagine the ship I've designed to be a science vessel that is capable of exploring the galaxy beyond the range of existing Federation craft," Norton said.

"The Arena"

Artwork by Marie Bergeron. Photo by Hanneke Weitering.

Marie Bergeron spends her time making illustrations for movies and video games. When asked to create a work of art for the "Star Trek" 50th anniversary, she chose to re-create a scene from an episode of the original television series titled "Arena."

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