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Inside Mars 160: The Mars Society's Red Planet Simulation in Pictures

Drawing Cross-Bedding

The Mars Society

Drawing the cross-bedding in a paleochannel.

Mars 160 Crewmember Yusuke Murakami

The Mars Society

Sitting under his own sign, architect Yusuke Murakami.

Mars 160 Crewmember Annalea Beattie

The Mars Society

Mars 160 crewmember Annalea Beattie.

Drawing Ripples in Dry Creekbed

The Mars Society

Drawing of ripples in a modern dry creek bed, given to geologist Jon Clarke to annotate as blind data.

Drawing Quartz Distribution

The Mars Society

Drawing quartz distribution in the quadrat.

Drawing Hypolith Colonization

The Mars Society

Using the magnifier to draw the degree of hypolith colonization on the underside of quartz pebbles.

Drawing Lichens in the Field

The Mars Society

Drawing lichen distribution with the magnifying glass (as opposed to the hand lens).

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