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Inside Mars 160: The Mars Society's Red Planet Simulation in Pictures

Horizontal Gypsum Deposition

The Mars Society

Horizontal gypsum deposition at Box Canyon Quarry.

Box Canyon Sketch

The Mars Society

Sketch of the outcrop made from the PEV.

Mars 160 Hand Lens

The Mars Society

Test Four: In simulation, using the hand lens to draw lichens.

Mars 160 crewmembers on atvs

The Mars Society

Mars 160 crewmembers stick to established trails while riding ATVs, to avoid damaging the Utah desert's fragile crust.

Mars Flag

The Mars Society

The colors in this flag for Mars include red for the Red Planet, blue for planet Earth and green to represent the planet's eventual transformation into a more Earth-like world.

Desert View

The Mars Society

A view out the Mars hab window.

Annalea Beattie Conducting Interview

The Mars Society

Annalea Beattie interviewing Mike Curtis-Rouse.

Brian Yeomans from UK Rover Trials

The Mars Society

Brian Yeomans, senior platform engineer from UK rover trials, ready to leave Earth.

Mars 160 Geologist Jon Clarke

Mars Society

Mars 160 geologist Jon Clarke trying out the new SPLIT instrument with Mike Curtis Rouse (UK Mission Commander).

Mel McHugh, Member of UK Rover Trials

The Mars Society

Mel McHugh, senior Raman spectroscopy specialist from the UK rover trials, happy in one of our Mars 160 Lexan helmets.

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