The Starfleet Academy Experience: Inside the Intrepid ꞌStar Trekꞌ Exhibit (Photos)

starfleet academy experience's Calla Cofield and Samantha Mathewson test their tactical skills by firing a phaser at various moving targets on a screen. (Image credit: Jeremy Lips)

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Jeremy Lips

The Starfleet Academy Experience is an interactive exhibit currently being hosted at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City. attended a special preview event and tested our skills as Starfleet cadets. Special wristbands active a series of interactive exercises throughout the museum to test one's aptitude in seven different specializations.

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Jeremy Lips

The Starfleet Academy Experience features a model of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), the first iteration of the central starship of the "Star Trek" franchise.

Getting the History

Jeremy Lips

Each of the interactive exercises provides a "Stark Trek" history brief.

Expanding Knowledge

Jeremy Lips

During the communication aptitude test, visitors can learn to speak Klingon.

Starfleet Weapons

Jeremy Lips

Throughout the exhibit there are displays showcasing various of "Star Trek" tools and weaponry.

Helping the Hurt

Jeremy Lips

At the medical station you are asked to examine a Klingon patient with a medical tricorder and diagnose the patient's illness accordingly.

Tools From the Show

Jeremy Lips

One of the exhibit's displays shows an array of "Star Trek" medical equipment.

Firing range

Jeremy Lips

To test tactical skills, cadets are asked to fire a phaser at various moving targets on a screen.

Taking Command

Jeremy Lips's Calla Cofield takes command in the captain's chair.

Testing Your Skills

Jeremy Lips

The Kobayashi Maru exam puts each cadet's command skills to the test.

Making the Grade

Jeremy Lips's Jeremy Lips was invited to be a cadet in the engineering field of Starfleet Academy.

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