Exploring the Set of Syfy's 'Killjoys' (Photo Gallery)

Character looks

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Space.com visited the set of Syfy's "Killjoys," where the cast and crew were hard at work filming the space adventure's second season. Upon first walking into the Royale bar set, where actors came to talk wit the press, visitors were presented with walls of character costumes.

Outside view

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Outside the Royale, looking very different after the events of Season 1. The crew moved this entire set to a new studio between seasons.

'Killjoys' showrunner

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

"Killjoys" showrunner Michelle Lovretta discusses her inspiration for the show while sitting inside the Royale.


Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Hannah John-Kamen, who plays Dutch, discusses her role in the show and changes for Season 2.

Pawter and John

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Sarah Power, who plays the doctor Pawter, and Aaron Ashmore, who plays John, discuss what it's like on set and what's in store for each of their characters.

D'Avin and Khlyen

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Luke Macfarlane, who plays D'Avin, and Rob Stewart, who plays Khlyen, discuss their roles in Season 2. The core of Khlyen, Stewart says, is love.

Grassy Lethe

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

This monastery on Lethe is a repurposed set: It's an idyllic setting now, but it used to be a Westerly prison during Season 1.

Westerly HQ

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

An important new headquarters on Westerly has holographic views of Lethe's forest in place of windows. The same segment of the set can be repurposed as a hallway, offices and more.

Khlyen's ship

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Khlyen's ship, here, is also segmented. This same set location will represent several parts of the ship.

Robot buddy

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

This little robot from Season 2 had not been named at this point in shooting the season.

More character looks

Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Additional "Killjoys" costumes from the major characters.

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