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'Name the Moon' Project Wants Your Help to Christen Earth's Lunar Neighbor

earth's moon name campaign
Is Earth's "moon" in need of a name? (Image credit: NASA)

A "Name the Moon" campaign is underway, dedicated to respectfully petition the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to give Earth's moon a unique name. To do so, the campaign has launched an animated series (the appropriately named "Looney Moonies") that teaches viewers about our solar system whilt at the same time entertaining, educating and engaging the public. 

The group's e-petition drive and naming contest is set to end on the summer solstice of 2016, which would be June 20 for Northern Hemisphere residents. The "Name the Moon" e-petition will then be sent to the IAU. [Read: The Full Moon Names of 2016

For those that sign on the dotted line, the petition reads:

"We, the undersigned people of planet Earth believe that our satellite, the Moon, should be given its own unique name. At this point in history the moon is the only major celestial object whose name is also its category. We believe it is time for that to change and the Moon be given a new name."

The hope is to find broad public consensus. "But we need lots of support! If you agree, please sign the e-petition. It's up to you," their campaign site explains.

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