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Our 5 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials with a Space Twist

Even the Super Bowl had something for space fans. Quite a few advertisers used the glory of outer space to their advantage last night (Feb. 1) during the big game.

In an ad for Doritos, for example, a kid figures out a particularly inventive way to make a pig fly: strapping it to a rocket:

Pepsi's halftime intro included some aliens that really, really like the soft drink:

And this commercial from Mophie (a cell phone charging company) features a kind of horrifying shot of an astronaut hurling through space untethered after God's phone runs out of juice:

An NFL ad depicted a happier view of life in space with astronauts on a spacewalk outside the International Space Station cheering for their chosen football team:

This year's Super Bowl was also a chance for production companies to reveal new trailers for many of the much-anticipated movies of 2015. One of those movies is "Tomorrowland" — a Disney film with a spacey theme. Check out the new trailer below:

If you want to check out all of the 2015 Super Bowl commercials, head over to the NFL website:

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