SpaceX’s Crew Dragon: A Private Space Taxi in Photos

Peter Diamandis Arrives at SpaceX

Rod Pyle/

Peter Diamandis of X-Prize Foundation fame arrives in one of many Teslas to adorn the SpaceX parking lot on May 29, 2014. [Read the full story and see the video here.]

Looking to the Future


An illustration shows a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft in low-Earth orbit. In a new partnership, NASA, Boeing and SpaceX plan to create the next generation of human-rated spacecraft for transit to and from the International Space Station and expanding research opportunities in orbit.

Testing for Space


On May 20, 2018, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft underwent electromagnetic interference testing in the anechoic chamber. Soon after the craft travelled to Glenn Research City in Ohio for another test in the Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility. The first uncrewed test flight is set for August 2018.

Suiting Up


At Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Launch Complex 41, astronaut Suni Williams suits up, preparing for the Boeing/United Launch Alliance emergency egress system demonstration on June 19, 2018. The system uses seats that attach to slide wires, carrying astronauts and ground crew to safety over 1,300 feet away from the tower and launch vehicle.

Inside the Crew Dragon


On Apr. 3, 2018, astronaut Suni Williams interfaces with a display inside a Crew Dragon spacecraft mock-up.

Stylish Wears


During future missions to and from the International Space Station, astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft will wear the SpaceX spacesuit.

Recovery Efforts Practiced


Recovering the capsule and crew is an essential step in preparing a craft for spaceflight. SpaceX proved this skill during a Feb. 28, 2018 test. The recovery and egress of the crew took place in less than 45 minutes and is expected to be even shorter with improvements to the process.

Sunset Testing

Michael Downs/NASA

As part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program, pararescue specialists from the 304th Rescue Squadron which is located in Portland, Oregon and supports the 45th Operations Group's Detachment 3, based out of Patrick Air Force Base, participate in an astronaut rescue training exercise by securing a covered life raft. The raft, a specially designed tool, can hold up to 20-people and carries food, water and medical supplies for three days.

The Astronauts


From the left, Doug Hurley, Eric Boe, Bob Behnken and Suni Williams, the Commercial Crew Program astronauts, pose near Launch Complex 39A at KSC where they viewed modifications of the site for SpaceX Crew Dragon flight tests.

Preparing the Crew

Dimitri Gerondidakis/NASA

Astronauts Suni Williams and Eric Boe participate in some Commercial Crew program training in St. Louis.

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