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Dazzling Night Sky Photos by Stargazers (April 2013)

Milky Way Over Blue Hill, Maine

Eric Straseburgh

Astrophotographer Eric Straseburgh sent in a photo of the Milky Way over Blue Hill, Maine, taken April 22, 2013.

Two Meteors in Cygnus

Victor C. Rogus

Astrophotographer Victor C. Rogus sent in a photo of not one but two meteors passing through the constellation of Cygnus on April 23, 2013, over Jadwin, MO.

April 2013 "Pink Moon"

Katie Balogh

Astrophotographer Katie Balogh of Woodbridge, NJ, sent in a photo of the full "pink moon" occurring in April 2013.

Moon of Alabama

Ashlea Singleton

Astrophotograher Ashlea Singleton of Chatom, Alabama, sent in a photo of the full moon taken on April 25, 2013.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Seen in Frankfurt, Germany

Stanislaus Ronny Terence

Space enthusiast Stanislaus Ronny Terence of Chennai, India, took these images of the penumbral lunar eclipse of April 25, 2013, during a visit to Frankfurt, Germany.

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