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Amazing Mars Photos by NASA's Curiosity Rover (Latest Images)

360-Degree Curiosity Rover Video


This image shows a screengrab of the 360 degree YouTube video, Curiosity's deck, Namib Dune and Mount Sharp in shot.

Curiosity Rover Namib Dune


This Dec. 17, 2015, view combines multiple images from the telephoto-lens camera of the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover to reveal fine details of the downwind face of "Namib Dune."

Curiosity Rover and Mars Sand Dunes


NASA's Mars rover Curiosity captured this self-portrait at the Namib Dune of the Bagnold Dune Field.

Otjizonjati Outcrop on Mars by Curiosity


This image from NASA's Mars rover Curiosity shows what scientists have dubbed the Otjizonjati outcrop in the distance to the northwest. The rover took this image around June 2, 2016 and will take a 10-image full panorama when the outcrop is well lit by sunlight.

Mars by NASA's Curiosity Rover


Mars as viewed by NASA's Curiosity rover. Nice vistas, but what does the Red Planet smell like?

Mars Rover Curiosity at Drill Site, May 2016


NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity took this self-portrait on May 11, 2016 at the "Okoruso" drilling site in the foothills of Mount Sharp.

Mars Rover Curiosity at 'Windjana' Site


This photo shows NASA's Mars rover Curiosity at a location called "Windjana," where the rover found rocks containing manganese-oxide minerals, which require abundant water and strongly oxidizing conditions to form

Keep on Truckin'


NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has been snapping amazing photos of the Red Planet since its landing in 2012. Here: The team operating NASA's Curiosity Mars rover uses the MAHLI camera on the rover's arm to check the condition of the wheels at routine intervals. Read the full story behind this photo.

Mars Curiosity Rover Selfie


The Mars Curiosity rover took a selfie from the surface of the Red Planet. The next Mars rover, Mars 2020, might carry a microphone to pick up sounds on the planet's surface.

Mars Rover Curiosity Fires Laser Autonomously


NASA's Curiosity Mars rover autonomously selects some targets for its laser-blasting ChemCam instrument. For example, onboard software analyzed the image at left, chose the target indicated with a yellow dot and pointed ChemCam for laser shots and the image at right.

Gale Crater Morning View


This early-morning view from the Mastcam on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover on March 16, 2016, covers a portion of the inner wall of Gale Crater. At right, the image fades into glare of the rising sun. Read the full story behind this photo.

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