Photos: New Space Toys at Toy Fair 2012

Celestial Buddies

Clara Moskowitz/

The annual Toy Fair in New York included a whole universe of space-themed toys. was out there on the floor playing with and photographing some of the coolest new toys you'll be seeing on store shelves this year.

SpaceX Model Rocket

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This new model rocket is a flyable version of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon space capsule. The rocket, made by SpaceX, was presented this year at Toy Fair 2012 by Nukotoys.

Plush Enterprise

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Think Geek's plush Enterprise from Star Trek even lights up!

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

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Think Geek also introduced this new Star Wars lightsaber candlestick at Toy Fair 2012.

Star Trek Cologne

Clara Moskowitz/

Smell like Spock with this new line of colognes and perfumes based on Star Trek, introduced by Jads International.

Earth in My Room

Clara Moskowitz/

Toy company Uncle Milton unveiled its new Earth in My Room light-up wall planet this year at Toy Fair 2012. The shining Earth shows the view of our planet from space as an astronaut observer would see it passing over different time zones.

Moon in My Room

Clara Moskowitz/

Uncle Milton's Earth in My Room and Moon in My Room seen lit up in the dark at Toy Fair 2012.

Nanodots Shuttle

Clara Moskowitz/

These Nanodots magnetic building balls are addictive. Here, a space shuttle made of Nanodots is displayed at Toy Fair 2012.

Geomag GLOW Moon Explorer

Clara Moskowitz/

The Geomag GLOW Moon Explorer kit (by Reeves International) was unveiled this year at Toy Fair 2012. These glow-in-the-dark magnetic building pieces can be put together to make roving moon buggies and more.

Inflatable Space Shuttle

Clara Moskowitz/

This ride-able inflatable space shuttle, produced by Aeromax, was new this year at Toy Fair 2012.

Star Wars Folded Flyers

Clara Moskowitz/

Fold your own Millenium Falcon with this new Star Wars Folded Flyers paper airplane kit from Klutz.

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