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'Star Trek' fans rejoice! Holodeck spotted in L.A. park

The Holodeck has beamed down to Earth.

Who hasn't dreamed of stepping onto the Holodeck, to be virtually whisked off to wherever your heart desires — whether that be to a Vulcan baseball game or into a thrilling Sherlock Holmes mystery? Now, thanks to the inspired efforts of a "Star Trek" fan, you can (well, kind of.)

Sitting, unassuming, in a city park in Los Angeles, are two Holodeck control panels fit for a Federation Starship. So how did they get there? Short answer: the power of "Star Trek" fans.

Trekkie Arthur Chadwick was running through North Hollywood Park in Los Angeles and spotted two plain, metal pylons that he thought could use a fresh update. "Everyday I run past these pylons. so i fixed them," Chadwick wrote on Instagram

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Chadwick employed the help of Dangling Carrot Creative to create large vinyl stickers to fit the previously plain pylons. The new stickers transformed the metal structures into Holodeck control panels, which Chadwick named "Holodeck 9" on Instagram. 

Since the Holodeck panels went up, Trek fans have been flocking to the park, enjoying the sight on their runs and posing in front of the panels for pictures, holding up the Vulcan salute and "working the controls." And, while no one has reported the panels functioning as they would on the USS Enterprise, they remain a festive fixture in the park. 

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