In the forums this week: The best space shows, can Elon Musk's SpaceX reach Mars and more!

SpaceX is building giant Starship ockets like these or eventual trips to Mars.
SpaceX is building giant Starship ockets like these or eventual trips to Mars. (Image credit: SpaceX)

This week, the forums community shares some of their favorite space-themed TV shows. We also wonder about Elon Musk's future ambitions and imagine life in another galaxy.

What are your favorites?

"Star Trek" is a favorite of the team as well. (Image credit: CBS)
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This week's Community Question focused on the space-themed TV shows that we loved the most. As any space enthusiast can imagine, there were some popular go-tos:

I am a real fan of all the Star Treks, but the episode I enjoyed the most is in Star Trek Voyager with its very credible female Captain. I became hooked with the very first episode "Caretaker". It sparked my imagination and prompted me to write my first Science Fiction novel. It too has a female protagonist.Duke0467

I love sci-fi so this is very hard for me. There are many shows and movies I have enjoyed. I love all of the "Star Treks." "Star Wars" completely blew me away when it came out and I was sitting in the front row when the X-Wings did their thing. One of my favorite animated series of all time is "Clone Wars." However, if I must choose only one then I think it would be "Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009).Joel

There have been so many Sci-Fi stories brought to television and motion pictures. Each story is unique in trying to give us a glimpse of a possible future. I do like the Star Trek Next Generation... especially the instances when the Prime Directive comes into play. My mind really got taken for a ride on The Expanse... Earth, Mars, and our solar system... mixed with people, planet governments, distrust, greed, and oppression. Well that's enough. meo0624

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Can SpaceX do it?

One community member polls us on whether or not we think SpaceX can land people on Mars by 2024. The responses were a mix of optimism and pessimism:

I'm sure it will land on Mars, I don't know if in 2024 or a little later, 3 years is a very short time for everything that needs to be resolved yet. rj.rivero

Anything is possible, however a survivable landing is highly unlikely. In addition to a good landing, morality dictates having the ability to build an infrastructure to house the Astronauts after the landing. And then there is the task of returning the people home. A successful human landing on Mar's could be accomplished but I don't believe a suicide mission would be favorably accepted by most of us.Richard Popovich

Good for E.M! He just may do it. The naysays on this list sound a lot like jealous Beevus'. At least he is trying. He has a Lady Love now and that will get in the way, however, he just may do it. WHY DO YOU ALL HATE HIM?Elocineax

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Questioning it all

The spiral galaxy NGC 4535 is better known as the 'Lost Galaxy' for its famously hazy appearance. (Image credit: ESA/NASA/Hubble/J. Lee/PHANGS-HST)

One community member asked intriguing questions about life in other galaxies. They did so with some hesitation, thinking it might be silly of them. Being the welcoming space enthusiasts they are, however, the community was reassuring:

They aren't dumb questions and they aren't all that uncommon. There are a ton of cool astronomy facts, and these will help serve such wise questions.Helio

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Objectivity vs. Subjectivity

Can you identify this object?

Why aren’t we exploring Pluto?

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