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Excited for space in 2020? Join an AMA with Editor-in-Chief Tariq Malik in our Forums! is ready for an amazing 2020 in space exploration. What's your big question for 2020? is ready for an amazing 2020 in space exploration. What's your big question for 2020? (Image credit: Tariq Malik/, Future PLC)

Hey, space fans! From new spacecraft launches to ambitious cars on Mars, there's a lot of space exploration set for 2020 and, of course, I'm excited. And I'll be hosting an AMA in the Forums this week to talk all about it.

This year, we expect to see SpaceX, Boeing, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin launch their first crewed spaceflights. Later, NASA, Europe, China and the United Arab Emirates all plan to launch new missions (and robot cars) to Mars. And there's so much more. 

To kick off 2020 at, I'm holding an Ask Me Anything here in our Forums to answer (or at least TRY to answer) your burning space questions for 2020. We'll start on Wednesday, Jan. 22, and continue through the week. It's part of Exploration Week in our Forums and you can wind some awesome prizes. 

Let's talk about space! (Image credit: Future)

Want to know when SpaceX will start launching astronauts into space? I've got you. 

Want to know what happens to the Spitzer Space Telescope when it dies this year? Me, too.

And what's the deal with all the amazing science fiction on television right now? ("Star Trek: Picard" is only the beginning, trust me.)

The year 2020 really feels like it will mark a transition in space exploration with the rise of so many new vehicles and the launch of several pivotal missions. So I want to know what YOU want to know. 

Join us this week and I look forward to hearing your questions! Join us here on Wednesday, Jan. 22, and ask me anything about space in 2020.

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