Live Science podcast 'Life's Little Mysteries' 20: Mysterious black holes

Light curves around a black hole's event horizon
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

In this episode of Life's Little Mysteries, a podcast from our friends at Live Science, we'll take a closer look at black holes, the mysterious cosmic objects that have a gravitational pull so strong that not even light can escape.

Where do black holes come from? Could our sun become a black hole? And if black holes are so awesome, why are their names usually so boring? Listen to Life's Little Mysteries 20: Mysterious Black Holes, to find out! 

We'll also hear about how black holes can be "hairy" and how scientists were recently able to capture the very first direct image of black hole M87, at the center of the Virgo A galaxy.

Co-hosts: Jeanna Bryner and Mindy Weisberger

Guest: Tia Ghose, assistant managing editor at Live Science

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Originally published on Live Science.

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