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'Alien' Looks Glorious on Stage in This New Jersey High School Play

A New Jersey high school production of "Alien" — the 1979 movie that launched a multi-film franchise — went viral over the weekend.

Pictures on Twitter show that the students at North Bergen High School went all out in the production, including spacesuits that looked convincingly real, a set with otherworldly terrain and structures, and, of course, an absolutely phenomenal "Alien" costume. The creative sets in large part were built from recycled materials, said senior Justin Pierson in an interview with "Just anything that was lying around, like cardboard and metal," he said.

Perfecto Cuervo, drama teacher at the school, said the students and art teacher Steven Defendini have been working on the production since September. Cuervo added that while people on social media have been asking for more shows, it's probably not in the budget.

"We fundraise for ourselves," he said to "The community doesn't have a lot of money. I don't think we can afford another production unless someone is willing to pick up the tab."

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