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Big Fireball on Jupiter Spotted by Amateur Astronomers

Big Fireball on Jupiter Spotted by Amateur Astronomers
This photo of Jupiter taken June 3, 2010 by Australian amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley shows a bright fireball from an apparent meteor or other object. Skywatcher Christopher Go of the Philippines also caught the event on video. <a href="">Full Story</a>. (Image credit: Anthony Wesley.)

A huge fireball has been spotted on Jupiter in yet

The new Jupiter crash occurred on June 3 at 20:31 UT (4:31

Wesley's photos show the Jupiter fireball blazing in the atmosphere of the gas giant planet. So far, no visible scar in the clouds has

Wesley described the event as a "large fireball" on his website, where he posted the photos taken from Broken Hill, Australia.

This new impact on Jupiter comes less than a year after a

It was Wesley, too, who first spotted the July 2009

Astronomers initially suspected a comet in last year's

And Jupiter has been smacked before.

In 1994, the comet


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