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Space Shuttle: The Final Missions

End in Sight: Final Space Shuttle Missions Slated
Space shuttle Discovery is purged - providing cool and humidified air conditioning to the payload bay and other cavities to remove any residual explosive or toxic fumes – while still on the runway. (Image credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett)

The space shuttle fleet's final 10 missions, asoutlined by NASA in July 2008:

Oct. 8, 2008 —Atlantis (STS-125) heads to the Hubble Space Telescope to perform serviceoperations.

Nov. 10, 2008 —Endeavour (STS-126/ULF-2) will supply the space station and service the rotaryjoints that support the station?s solar arrays.

Feb. 12, 2009 —Discovery (STS-119/15A) will kick off a five-flight 2009 by delivering thefinal pair of U.S. solar arrays to the space station.

May 15, 2009 — Endeavour(STS-127/2JA) will set sail with the final permanent components for theJapanese Kibo Laboratory on the space station.

July 30, 2009 —Atlantis (STS-128/17A) will launch carrying science and storage racks to the spacestation.

Oct. 15, 2009 —Discovery (STS-129/ULF-3) will place spare components outside the spacestation.

Dec. 10, 2009 —Endeavour (STS-130/20A) will close 2009 by delivering the final connectingnode, Node 3, and the Cupola, a robotic control station that provides a360-degree view around the station.

Feb. 11, 2010 — Atlantis(STS-131/19A) begins the first flight in 2010, carrying a Multi-PurposeLogistics Module filled with science racks for the laboratories of the station.

April 8, 2010 —Discovery (STS-132/ULF-4) will carry an integrated cargo carrier to delivermaintenance and assembly hardware, including spare parts for space stationsystems.

May 31, 2010 — Endeavour (STS-133/ULF-5) will carry critical spare components that will be placed on the outsideof the station.

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