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NASA Touts New 'Singularity University'

A new institution of higher learning aims to solve grand challenges related to space science and down-to-earth issues facing humanity.

NASA announced today a new narrowly focused graduate studies program that will be a cooperative effort between the space agency and a group of big thinkers.

The Singularity University (SU) plans to offer a nine-week graduate studies program, as well as three-day chief executive officer-level and 10-day management-level programs, starting in June. It will be located at the NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.

According to a NASA statement, the SU curriculum will provide a broad, interdisciplinary exposure to ten fields of study: future studies and forecasting; networks and computing systems; biotechnology and bioinformatics; nanotechnology; medicine, neuroscience and human enhancement; artificial intelligence, robotics, and cognitive computing; energy and ecological systems; space and physical sciences; policy, law and ethics; and finance and entrepreneurship.

Singularity University was founded by S. Pete Worden, Ames Center Director; Ray Kurzweil, author and futurist; Peter Diamandis, space entrepreneur and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation; Robert Richards, co-founder of the International Space University; Michael Simpson, president of the International Space University; and a group of SU associate founders who have contributed time and capital.

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