In Photos: India's GSLV Rocket Launches GSAT-6A Communications Satellite



On March 29, 2018, the Indian Space Research Organisation launched the GSAT-6A communications satellite into orbit atop a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle. But ISRO officials lost contact with the satellite days after launch. See how the mission went in photos here.

Reusing Rockets


The GSLV-F08/GSAT-6A launch is the 12th flight of Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV). This launch is the sixth use of the indigenous Cryogenic Stage.

Improving Communications


The GSAT-6A, a high power S-band communication satellite configured around I-2K bus, is expected to supply data for about a decade.

Expanding Capabilities


Authorities hope to use the GSAT-6A for several developing technologies including handheld ground terminals and network management techniques that could be useful in satellite based mobile communication applications.

Up, Up and Up


The GSLV-FO8 rises above towers of the lightning suppression system in the March 29, 2018 launch carrying the GSAT-6A.

Liftoff in Progress


On March 29, 2018, the GSLV-F08/GSAT-6A rises above the Umbilical Tower at the Second Launch Pad,



Rockets begin to roar and flash as liftoff begins at the Second Launch Pad.

Before Launch


At the Second Launch Pad, the GSLV-F08 makes it to the Umbilical Tower for final checks and preparations.

The Full Picture


A sweeping view across the horizon includes the GSLV-F08 aboard the Mobile Launch Pedestal and the Vehicle Assembly Building in the distance.

Tall and Strong


The GSLV-F08 stands atop the Mobile Launch Pedestal on its way to Umbilical Tower on the Second Launch Pad.

Traveling to the Launch Pad


A side view of the Mobile Launch Pedestal progressing toward the Umbilical Tower, carrying the GSLV-F08. Technicians and team members can be seen around the pedestal.

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