In Photos: The Advanced JPSS-1 Weather Satellite's Earth Mission

Three Tries Before Launch

NASA/Glenn Benson

It took three attempts to launch the JPSS-1 weather satellite. High winds and boats within the launch safety range offshore prevented two earlier attempts.

Ready for Take-Off

ULA/Walter Scriptunas II

With the Mobile Service Tower rolled away, the Delta II rocket is ready to carry the JPSS-1 satellite into orbit for NASA and NOAA.

A Once Over

Ball Aerospace

On Oct. 8, 2015, technicians examined the JPSS-1 satellite during a Launch Configuration Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) test. The EMI test evaluates expected electromagnetic radiation at the launch site.

Passing the Test

Ball Aerospace

On March 29, 2016, JPSS-1 successfully completed a pop and catch deployment test.

By Any Other Name

Ball Aerospace

Here, JPSS-1 is prepared for another round of tests in the acoustic testing chamber in Boulder, Colorado at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.'s Fisher Integration Center. Once it launches, the satellite will be called NOAA-20. After the craft launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base, it will orbit Earth, providing full global coverage twice a day.

And More Tests

Ball Aerospace

At Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.'s Fisher Integration Center, JPSS-1 went through more tests inside the EMI/Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) chamber.

Together Again

Ball Aerospace

JPSS-1 was restored to its full capacity when engineers reinstalled its Spacecraft Control Processor (SCP2) at the Boulder, Colorado facility.

First Steps in Preparation

Randy Beaudoin/NASA

Inside Hangar 836 at Vandenberg AFB, technicians removed the Delta II rocket first stage cover as they prepared for the JPSS-1 launch.

Ready for the Road

Randy Beaudoin/NASA

Inside NASA Hangar 836, the United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket was placed on a trailer in preparation for the JPSS-1 launch.

On the Road

Randy Beaudoin/NASA

The ULA Delta II rocket's first stage makes the journey on a truck from Vandenberg AFB to Space Launch Complex 2.

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