The 20 Weirdest Aliens in the Marvel Universe



Brought to Earth by Spider-Man, Venom bonded with the web slinger for a time as a black suit before going on to possess Eddie Brock, Deadpool and Flash Thompson, among others. It hails from a race of extraterrestrial parasites known as Symbiotes, which endow their hosts with extraordinary physical abilities in order to feed off their adrenaline. 



Galactus, the "devourer of worlds," emerged from the death of a previous universe. Likely the most powerful character in Marvel's pantheon, he maintains his near-omnipotent powers by consuming the life energies of entire worlds.

Silver Surfer


The Silver Surfer is exactly that: a surfboard-riding humanoid clad in metallic skin. As one of Galactus' "heralds," he coasts through interstellar space and hyperspace, seeking planets for Galactus to devour. 

No-Name of the Brood


No-Name is a member of a species of parasitic insectoids known as the Brood, which scour the galaxy to find hosts for the spawn. A gladiator on the planet Sakaar, where she meets the Hulk, No-Name is characterized by her fangs, wings and a giant stinging tail. 



Depicted with green skin, pointy ears and furrowed chins, the Skrulls are warlike aliens who can take on the appearance of almost any form, organic and inorganic. Besides being masters of infiltration, they can also use their abilities to sprout weapons from their bodies, making them formidable combatants as well. 

The Dire Wraiths


The Dire Wraiths are a branch of Skrulls that evolved into their own distinct species. Like their distant relatives, the Dire Wraiths can also shape-shift. Through vaguely humanoid in shape, their true forms include red or orange skin, small beaks, pincer-like limbs and long, spike-tipped tongues, which they use to suck out the brains of their prey. 

The Phalanx


Similar to the Borg in "Star Trek," the Phalanx is a cybernetic species that shares a hive mind. Phalanx result when organic life-forms are infected with the Transmode virus by the Technarchy, a techno-organic race with shape-shifting powers.  

The Badoon


The reptilian-like Badoon consist of two factions split across gender lines: the militaristic Brotherhood of the Badoon, who live on the planet Moord, and the more pacifist Sisterhood of the Badoon, who dwell on Lotiara. 



The Druffs are short-statured creatures that reproduce asexually and possess a childlike intelligence and timidity. Considered pests by the Skrulls, Druff populations are routinely culled. The fuzz-covered aliens have managed to proliferate on other worlds, however, by stowing away aboard various starships. 



Resembling upright snails, the Ciegrimites have eyes on stalks and a carapace that wraps around their backs and torsos. They're described as capitalistic, hedonistic and particularly talented in the art of making alcohol, which they use to barter for technology.  

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