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Space Cats Push the Furry Frontier in New 'CatStronauts' Book Series (Excerpts)

Meet the CatStronauts!

Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

Check out these scenes from "CatStronauts," a new graphic novel starring spacefaring felines that go to the moon, Mars and beyond! [Read the full story]


Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

The CatStronauts blast off atop a CATSUP rocket in "Mission Moon."

Ready for Launch

Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

As the CATSUP rocket stands on the launchpad ready to send the CatStronauts to the moon, one crewmember indulges in a little last-minute snack.

CatStronaut Training

Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

Just like real, human astronauts, these felines have to complete rigorous training before blasting off into space.

Working Up an Appetite

Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

Waffles, the mission pilot, is the hungriest space cat in the CatStronauts crew.

Simulating G-Forces

Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

To prepare for the high levels of acceleration they'll experience during launch, the CatStronauts go through high-g training (just like astronauts on Earth).

Mission Control

Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

The CatStronauts' mission control room looks a lot like NASA's historic mission control center in Houston.

To the Mewn!

Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

The CatStronauts' cat-shaped spaceship is successfully en route to the moon.

Extravehicular Cat-ivity

Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

When the spaceship's navigation system stops working, the CatStronauts suit up and head outside to investigate the problem.

Houston, We Have a Hairball

Drew Brockington/Little, Brown

The CatStronauts inadvertently get locked out of the spacecraft during their spacewalk.

Book 1: Mission Moon

"CatStronauts: Mission Moon" (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2017) is now available. Buy it on Amazon.

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