Chanel Launchpad No. 5: The Space-Age Threads of Paris Fashion Week 2017 (Photos)

Chanel Blasts Off from Launchpad No. 5

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Models rocked cosmic Chanel outfits at the designer's "Launchpad No. 5" during Paris Fashion Week on March 7. Taking the debut of its cosmic Fall/Winter 2017/2018 women's collection to the extreme, Chanel created its own faux rocket that actually "launched" during the show. [Read the full story]

Shiny Space Threads

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Metallic garments and sparkly moon boots dominated the runway during Chanel's show at Paris Fashion Week.

The Man Behind the Rocket

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Chanel's designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld made an appearance on the Launchpad No. 5 runway during the finale of the Chanel show.


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Fake sparks flew and clouds of "exhaust" filled the stage as the Chanel rocket lifted off from the center of the runway to the tune of Elton John's classic hit "Rocket Man."


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Models march around Launchpad No. 5 shortly after Chanel's mock rocket lifted off. (It came to a halt before blasting through the glass ceiling of Paris' iconic Grand Palais museum, thankfully.)

Planetary Apparel

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A model flaunts a planet-print suit on the runway during the Chanel show.

Astronaut-Print Jumper

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For fashionistas who are extremely into astronauts, Chanel unveiled several astronaut-print outfits, including this casual (and comfy-looking) shirt and pants.

Spaced-Out Shades

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Even astronauts need sunglasses to shield their eyes from bright sunlight. Just in case those EVA suits aren't stylish enough, these shades will make you look like the coolest astronaut in your starfleet.

Saturn-Covered Sweater

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Saturn is arguably the most fashionable planet in the solar system with its gorgeous ring system, so Chanel made a sweater that's completely covered in Saturn. It even depicts the shadow that Saturn casts on the rings. Kudos to Chanel for making Saturn look both stylish and accurate in this artistic top.

Stay Warm in Space

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Space is cold, but this space blanket-style scarf is sure to keep your upper extremities insulated ... and also turn some heads.

Star Clusters

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This Chanel dress is covered in what looks like artistic representations of star clusters.

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