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ICYMI: 'The Bachelor' Went Zero G This Week
ABC's "The Bachelor" took a weightless ride with Zero Gravity Corporation in Monday's episode.
Credit: ABC

It's always exciting to see space and pop culture collide, and that's just what happened Monday night (Jan. 16) when "The Bachelor" took a couple on a weightless date.

In Monday's episode, Bachelor Nick Viall and show contestant Vanessa Grimaldi on an out-of-this-world date with Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G), which uses rollercoaster-like rides on its modified Boeing 727 aircraft G-Force One to give passengers a taste of weightlessness. Viall seemed to have a great time. Grimaldi, meanwhile, did lose her lunch, but she also pulled off some awesome spinning pushups that put Viall to shame. The couple also shared some weightless smooches guaranteed to melt even the most steely-eyed space veteran's heart.

Mashable's Miriam Kramer (hat tip!) has a fun explainer piece on how "The Bachelor" zero gravity date worked here.

If you missed The Bachelor's weightless wonder date, here's some video and social media highlights: 


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