Life on Mars: Inside The HI-SEAS Isolation Habitat (Gallery)

The Lab

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A small laboratory space, separate from the main living space and kitchen, inside the habitat held many plants and biological experiments. A second laboratory, built inside an old shipping crate, was attached to the back of the habitat.

Sleep Space

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One of the six bedrooms. The ceilings are sloped, but are tall enough to stand in.

The Half-Bath

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The upstairs half-bathroom

The Tardis

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Members of a previous mission created this Tardis on a blank section of wall using masking tape and paper.

Inside the Air Lock

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Inside the "air lock," where the crewmembers got into "spacesuits" before exiting the habitat. They had to wait 5 minutes before exiting, to simulate the time it would take a real air lock to adjust the air pressure.

Storage Space

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The storage room, off the side of the air lock, which held food and other supplies.

The Kitchen

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The kitchen, which is underneath the bedrooms, is fairly spacious. There is a central island (shown here), with more storage and a sink along the walls.

Kitchen Storage

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Kitchen storage and microwave. The kitchen also has a toaster oven and electric hotplate.

The Kitchen Sink

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The kitchen area provided nearly all the facilities of a normal kitchen. There is a minifridge (for leftovers) and no stove.

Kitchen Note

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A note on the kitchen white board: "Note: Crewmembers are reminded to kindly refrain from setting up booby traps around the hab for ensnaring cameramen and reporters. Thanks! -The Mgmt"

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