Life on Mars: Inside The HI-SEAS Isolation Habitat (Gallery)

Dehydrated Meat

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Food eaten by the HI-SEAS crew had to be "shelf-stable" which mostly means dehydrated. These are various types of dehydrated meat. (They're actually not bad.) Johnston was apparently the best cook among the crew, and said the perfect meatball consists of a blend of sausage and ground beef.

Suiting Up

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Christiane Heinicke helps Tristan Bassingthwaighte get into one of the spacesuits the crewmembers wore to go outside the habitat. First, step into the suit legs, and then put on the top half.

Step Two

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Step two to getting suited up: Have a crewmate zip up the back of the suit.

Step Three

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After putting on shoes, have a crewmate help you put on your faceplate.

Far Out

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Bassingthwaighte goes for a stroll around the habitat.


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This is Cosmo the dog, also known as mission support for HI-SEAS.

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