Best Space Photos of the Week – Dec.. 12, 2015

See the Milky Way Shine Over a Yellowstone Waterfall in This Awesome Photo

The Milky Way shines in the Yellowstone Grand Canyon in this stunning image. [Read the full story.]

Skywatcher Snaps Mesmerizing View of Spider Nebula (Photo)

Ron Brecher

The stunning view of the Spider nebula offers a cosmic web of celestial delights, and was captured by astrophotographer Ron Brecher in Guelph, Ontario. [Read the full story.]

Asteroid-Bound Spacecraft Snaps Stunning Earth Photos


One year to the day after lifting off, the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 paid its home planet a quick visit for a speed-boost. During its closest approach on Dec. 3, the asteroid-seeking spacecraft took several stunning pictures of Earth. [Read the full story.]

Wow! Spectacular Video Shows Test Launch of New Earth-Return Capsule

UP Aerospace

A small rocket carried four technology experiments to suborbital space last month, and onboard cameras captured the flight in breathtaking detail. [Read the full story.]

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