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Best Night Sky Events of September 2015 (Stargazing Maps)

Vesta at Opposition, September 2015

Monday, Sept. 28, 11 p.m. EDT. The brightest asteroid Vesta will be directly opposite the sun and visible all night in Cetus. At magnitude 6.2, it will be right at the limit of naked-eye visibility, but easily spotted with binoculars.

Mercury, September 2015

Mercury is well placed in the evening twilight for the first half of the month. This apparition is more favorable for observers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Venus, September 2015

Venus will appear incredibly bright in the night sky in September, hitting 23 times brighter than the brightest night-sky star, Sirius, in late September. It is the brightest among many bright planets to be spotted this month.

Mars, September 2015

Mars is low in the eastern twilight, moving eastward through Cancer into Leo.

Jupiter, September 2015

Jupiter reappears in the eastern pre-dawn sky in the middle of the month.

Saturn, September 2015

Saturn is low in the southwest mid-evening sky, and sets in late evening.

Uranus, September 2015

Uranus rises in mid-evening in Pisces, nearing opposition on October 12.

Neptune, September 2015

Neptune is in opposition on the 1st, visible all night in the constellation Aquarius.

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