Final Frontier Design: The Space Suit Experience in Photos

Final Frontier Design: Brienna Henwood in NYC Malik

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the spacesuit manufacturer Final Frontier Design is developing private spacesuits for commercial spaceflight. But you don't need a rocketship to try the astronaut duds on. On Aug. 28, 2014, the company unveiled its Space Suit Experience, a service that lets customers try on a pressurized spacesuit and perform tasks for $400. Read the Full Story.

Final Frontier Design Spacesuit Experience Malik

Final Frontier Design is based at Brooklyn Navy Yards, where founders Ted Southern and Nikolay Moiseev have set up a spacesuit workshop. Seen here, the Space Suit Experience launch party on the building rooftop where Final Frontier Design is located. Read the Full Story.

Final Frontier Design Spacesuit

Final Frontier Design

An artist and costume designer by training, Final Frontier Design President Ted Southern initially took an interest in spacesuit design during NASA's Astronaut Glove Challenge, a contest that offered cash prizes for innovative spacesuit glove designs. Read the Full Story.

Space Suit by Final Frontier Design

Final Frontier Design

Final Frontier Design is currently in the third-generation of its spacesuit design. The bright orange color a traditional safety color for high visibility. Read the Full Story.

Final Frontier Design Golf Putt Malik

NASTAR space training center director Brienna Henwood puts a golf ball while wearing a Final Frontier Design spacesuit during the Brooklyn, New York-based company's Spacesuit Experience launch party atop a Brooklyn Navy Yard rooftop on Aug. 28, 2014. Company founds Ted Southern (right) and Nikolay Moiseev look on. Read the Full Story.

Final Frontier Simulator

Final Frontier Design

One of the hallmarks of Final Frontier Design's Space Suit Experience is the chance to fly a stationary aircraft or spacecraft simulator while in launch position and under pressure. Read the Full Story.

Final Frontier Design's Third-Generation Spacesuit

Final Frontier Design

Once the spacesuit is pressurized, controlling the simulator joystick can be tricky. Read the Full Story.

Kramer in Final Frontier Design's Third Generation Spacesuit. Lips

Here, staff writer Miriam Kramer checks her pressure gauge while pressurizing a Final Frontier Design spacesuit. Read the Full Story.

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