Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Royal Observatory's 2014 Finalists (Gallery)

Occultation of Jupiter by Sebastián Guillermaz

© Sebastián Guillermaz

Sebastián Guillermaz of Argentina provides a unique daytime view of the moon about to block out Jupiter, captured from the photographer’s backyard in Los Polvorines, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The planet shines as a pale dot to the right of the moon.

Orion Nebula by Anna Morris

© Anna Morris

Anna Morris of the United States has emphasized the delicate veils of dust surrounding the heart of M42, commonly called the Orion Nebula, highlighting the structure of the object.

Oxbow Bend Reflections by David Kingham

© David Kingham

David Kingham of the United States found the Milky Way reflecting in the Snake River at Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park.

Star Trails on the Beach by Sebastián Guillermaz

© Sebastián Guillermaz

Sebastián Guillermaz of Argentina created a time-lapse effect with multiple exposures, as the Earth’s rotation appears to extend the light from stars into trails arcing over the beach in Mar de Ajo, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

The Great Orion Nebula by Gray Olson

© Gray Olson

15-year-old Gray Olson of the United States sends in a photo of the popular astronomical viewing target, the Orion Nebula. It is a stellar birthplace that lies 1350 light years away, home to stars in various stages of their lives.

The Turbulent Heart of the Scorpion by Rolf Wahl Olsen

© Rolf Wahl Olsen

Rolf Wahl Olsen of New Zealand created this display of the rarely imaged core of the multiple star system, Rho Ophiuchi. A deep exposure brings out the delicate whirling clouds in an area which the human eye would find difficult to discern.

Three Planets in Conjunction by Lóránd Fényes

© Lóránd Fényes

Lóránd Fényes of Hungary used a sunset and flora of the African savannah to give a unique background to the planetary alignment of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in June 2013.

'What the...!' by Tommy Richardsen

© Tommy Richardsen

Tommy Richardsen of Norway found himself surprised at the end of a shoot by an aurora lighting up the entire sky over Steinsvik beach, in Nordreisa, Troms, Norway. The figure at right is Richardsen's brother frantically trying to capture the same shot.

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