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The Evolution of the Spacesuit in Pictures

Prototype Spacesuits


Astronauts, engineers and scientist wearing prototype spacesuits, driving prototype lunar rovers and stimulating scientific work this week at Moses Lake, Wash., as part of NASA’s demonstration of concepts for living and working on the lunar surface.

z-1 spacesuit 2


The Z-1 spacesuit will potentially be used to explore different planets.

Z-1 Spacesuit Prototype Flexibility Test


This new spacesuit prototype from NASA might reinvent the ways astronauts experience space.

Introducing NASA'S Future Spacesuit, the Z-1 (Infographic)

Karl Tate, contributor

Being developed for missions in 2015 and beyond, the Z-1 improves mobility for walks on the moon and Mars.

How NASA's New Z-2 Spacesuit Works (Infographic)

By Karl Tate, Infographics Artist

NASA's next-generation Z-2 spacesuit prototype is an evolution ahead of its predecessor, the Z-1. See how NASA's futuristic Z-2 spacesuit works in this infographic.

Trio of Z-2 Spacesuits Under Lights

NASA Advanced Concepts Lab - POC: Alberto Bertolin

The three proposed designs for NASA's Z-2 spacesuits appear in a lighted environment.

Trio of Z-2 Spacesuits in Darkness


The three proposed designs for NASA's Z-2 spacesuits appear in a darkened environment.

'Technology' Spacesuit Design on the Rocks


NASA's 'Technology' Z-2 spacesuit design is depicted on some rocks.

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