Photos: Ancient Mars Lake Could Have Supported Life

Clay Mineral Structure Similar to Clays Observed in Mudstone on Mars


Clay minerals are composed of layers. Water and cations (positive-charged ions) can be stored between these layers. [Read the Full Story Here]

Volatiles Released by Heating Sample Powder from Martian Rock


This image graphs four gases released ("evolved") when powdered rock from the target rock "Cumberland" was heated inside the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover. [Read the Full Story Here]

Radiation Measurements on Mars


The Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) instrument on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover monitors the natural radiation environment at the surface of Mars. [Read the Full Story Here]

Radiation Exposure Comparisons with Mars Trip Calculation


Measurements with the MSL Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover during the flight to Mars and now on the surface of Mars enable an estimate of the radiation astronauts would be exposed to on an expedition to Mars. [Read the Full Story Here]

Measuring the Age of a Rock on Mars


A rock in the Sheepbed mudstone deposit in the Yellowknife Bay area inside Gale Crater is the first rock on Mars ever to be dated by laboratory analysis of its ingredients. [Read the Full Story Here]

Scarp Retreat Model and Exposure History of 'Yellowknife Bay'


This set of drawings depicts cross sections of the "Yellowknife Bay" area of Mars' Gale Crater at three points in time going back more than 80 million years (>80 Ma). [Read the Full Story Here]

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