Best Night Sky Photos of the Week: Nov. 23, 2013

Stargazer Snaps Stunning Milky Way Photo of Mount Rainier (Image)

Paula Cobleigh

The brilliant band of the Milky Way dazzles over Mount Rainier National Park in an amazing new image. [Read the Full Story]

Knife-Edge Galaxy Appears to Slice Through Space in Amateur Astronomer's Photo

Bob Franke / Focal Pointe Observatory

A distant galaxy appears as a sliver in the night sky in this photo by an astrophotographer. [Read the Full Story]

Milky Way Galaxy, Eerie Airglow Paint Night Sky Amazing Colors (Photo)

Chad Powell | Isle of Wight Milky Way Photography |

The horizon glows a haunting green, silhouetting trees on the Isle of Wight as the band of the Milky Way shines overhead in this spectacular photo recently sent in to by veteran photographer Chad Powell. See how he did it here. [Read the Full Story]

Stunning Comet ISON Photos Captured by Amateur Astronomer (Images)

Mike Hankey |

A spectacular set of photos taken by an amateur astrophotographer chronicles the evolution of Comet ISON over the last few months, which has seen the much-hyped icy wanderer brighten so much that it's now visible to the naked eye. [Read the Full Story]

Spectacular Night Rocket Launch Wows Skywatchers on US East Coast (Photos)

NASA/Allison Stancil

A dazzling nighttime rocket launch wowed skywatchers all along the U.S. East Coast Tuesday (Nov. 19). [See their amazing photos and accounts here.]

How Cameras Reveal the Northern Lights' True Colors (Op-Ed)

Image copyright Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography

Due to the limitations of people's night vision, only a camera can capture the true colors displayed during a display of the Northern Lights. [Read the Full Story]

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