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Sister Act: Schoolgirls Build Working Mars Rover Model (Photos)

Beatty Robotics' Home-Built CNC Mill

Beatty Robotics

The Beatty Robotics team built their own 3-axis CNC (computer numerical control) mill to assist in creating their robots. [Read the Full Story]

Mini-Mars Rover for European Museum

Beatty Robotics

The Beattys built a miniature Mars Rover for a new space museum in the Czech Republic. Although the Mini Mars Rover is only about 8″ long, it is a functional robot. [Read the Full Story]

Beatty Robotics' Terrabot

Beatty Robotics

Terrabot is Beatty Robotics' Terrain Traveling Robot. Based on a modified “rock crawler” chassis, its primary purpose is to traverse rocks, branches, steep slopes, flower beds, boulders, mountain trails, and other extremely rough terrain. [Read the Full Story]

The Beattys Work on Their Telegraph

Beatty Robotics

Camille (right) and Genevieve Beatty work on some delicate soldering on the main microcontroller. [Read the Full Story]

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